Friday, January 9, 2009

Week 1 wrapup: What you focus on, you get!

This simple principle was the topic of our week one leadership series. We heard thoughts from Sir John Templeton, Tony Robbins, Albert Einstein and Dr.Wayne Dyer. We did real life exercises on the topic. We learned how everything on the planet is nothing more than energy. We realized that in order to control and shape our lives, we need to control and shape our thoughts. We acknowledged the words of the great Albert Einstein who said “nothing can happen until something moves”. We practiced defining our dreams and making plans to achieve them. We discussed this at the dinner table, before bed and in the car. Hopefully some of what we learned will be retained.

I know that what I experienced firsthand this week is that my intentions shape all my outcomes. Whatever I do with the right “intention”, I do well. Each day this week was faced with the intention of making it the most positive experience I could for my children. I reinforced in my own personal learning, that if I have a plan and it begins with visualizing all that is possible, I can create something meaningful and lasting in the experiences and memories of those I am interacting with. I am not unique.

It’s a beautiful aspect of being human...Our ability to create, effect and impact is extremely powerful. If the entire planet would choose to channel positive energy instead of negative energy, we would raise the vibration of our collective consciousness and the world would be a much better place. In my own way, as I sit with my children every day, I hope that I am preparing them to be leaders in the transition of the human condition from negative to positive—from dark to light.

We heard a lot of great quotes this week in our learning. One very simple and elegant quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer was etched vividly in my mind as a poignant reminder of how easy it is to change something. “When you are in the dark, just turn on a light, for darkness is easily overcome,” says Dr. Dyer. This powerful metaphor of dark, heavy energy being easily replaced by light, bright energy is evident everywhere around us, minute by minute if we just look for it. And we can all do it. It is evident in a smile that brightens someone’s foul mood. It is evident in kind words that open closed hearts and minds. It is evident in a gentle touch that reaches someone’s starving soul. This is the simple and wonderful power of being human. We all have it, but our children will need to be masters of it. Our children must be equipped to call upon and execute this skill on a moment’s notice at the most basic and complex levels as they work to undo the damage that has been done by generations before them and help define a new global community.

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